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Improve Your Short Game - Long Term

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What Top Instructors are saying about TPM

The TPM is a great tool to learn the feel of the proper blending of all the moving parts in your stroke. It's simple and effective and has dramatically helped some of my students improve.

James Sieckmann 2018 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year Top 50 Teacher in America (Golf Digest) Top 100 Teacher in America (Golf Magazine)

TPM is a very effective tool to allow a player to feel what it is to make a unified balanced movement thus allowing for the most essential physical abilities of start line precision and force control to flourish.

Cameron McCormick Long Time Coach of Jordan Spieth

Improve Your Short Game - Long Term

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Putt with Consistency. Putt with Confidence.

For Golfers Of
ALL Levels & Ages

Perfect Your
Pendulum Stroke

Works With ANY
Putter & Grip Style

Remove The
Putting Guesswork

Collapses For
Easy Travelling

Designed To Help
Anyone Improve
Their Putting

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Golf Channel's
School Of Golf


Trusted By TOUR
Pros & Top Instructors

Putt Like the Pros with TPM

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

$ 99.99

Many excellent putters, especially TOUR professionals, use a pendulum motion to putt. You, too, can finally achieve the same level of consistency, and confidence in a repeatable putting stroke.

True Pendulum Motion (TPM) is the top choice of golf instructors for putting training. It’s a patented, proven system that’s guaranteed to work.

Keep the assembled TPM unit in your bag for quick access, or keep one in the home / office to practice the motion daily. As little as 5 minutes a day can help you achieve, and maintain the feeling to hole more putts!

Special Offer Package Includes:

  • True Pendulum Motion (TPM) Putting Aid, including:
    • Two Adjustable-Length Aluminum Rods
    • One TPM Connector
  • Quick Start Guide
  • FREE Videos: Chris Mayson’s “Putt Like the Pros Training Series” - A $250 Value!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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