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Instructors Love TPM


Watch How TPM Works - Explained by Top TOUR Instructor, James Sieckmann

Proper TPM Set Up with Golf Digest Best Young Teacher's, Corey Lundberg

What Top Instructors Are Saying About TPM

James Sieckmann, Top 50 Teacher in America (Golf Digest), Top 100 Teacher in America (Golf Magazine)

"The TPM is a great tool to learn the feel of the proper blending of all the moving parts in your stroke. It's simple and effective and has dramatically helped some of my students improve."

Cameron McCormick, Long Time Coach of Jordan Spieth

"TPM is a very effective tool to allow a player to feel what it is to make a unified balanced movement thus allowing for a the most essential physical abilities of start line precision and force control to flourish."

Corey Lundberg, Golf Digest's Best Young Teacher, US Kids Top 50

"By far the quickest and most effective way to get golfers to understand how a pendulum stroke should feel. I use TPM frequently and my students are seeing a lot of success!"